WHO: any college bound high school senior or returning college student who is/was

a student at TR South High School or is a resident of Manitou Park in Berkeley Township.

WHAT: $500 scholarship

WHEN: spring 2020: submission date April 16, 2020

HOW: Submit application along with the following not later than April 16, 2020:

application & information may be found at or on 

FB at the South Toms River Optimist Club page.

1) Applicant?s original essay, 700 ? 800 words, on the theme 

How can optimism help you achieve your goals?? 

Essay may not be published elsewhere prior to May 2020 and may be used by the STR Area Optimist Club,

in whole or in part, for promotional purposes.


2) Applicant?s current transcripts or GPA/grade report

3) A brief report of applicant?s extracurricular activities.

Winning essay will be judged, 50% on essay content, 30% on literary skills, 20% on applicants

overall academic performance; GPA, etc. A 5 point preference will be given to South Toms River or Manitou Park residents.

Proof of acceptance to a college or university will be required before the scholarship will be issued to the winner.

Essay must be double spaced, preferably typed or printed and must be submitted with the application and transcripts

by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by USPS to STR Area Optimist Club 2020 Scholarship   

16 Hummel Dr.   South Toms River, NJ 08757 and must be received by April 16, 2020.